eBay: New Jewelry listing guidelines effective May 25, 2022

Stores selling jewelry on eBay recently recveived an update on new listings requirements. 

Starting May 25, 2022, we’re making changes to our Jewelry policy. Our updated listing guidelines will create a more consistent and reliable experience for Jewelry buyers, help them find the items they’re looking for quickly and easily, improve conversion, and reduce issues resulting from unclear or inaccurate item descriptions.
New Jewelry listing guidelines effective May 25, 2022
  • Fine Jewelry. To list your item in the Fine Jewelry category, the Base Metal must be made from fine materials and the Main Stone must be a fine, natural stone. Secondary stones can include either fine or fashion materials.
    • Simulated gemstones are considered fashion jewelry.  We will move items with simulated main stones from fine jewelry into fashion jewelry in October
  • Diamonds. If you list a stone that is not an actual diamond, the term “diamond” cannot be included in the listing. You should instead describe your item using the actual material, such as moissanite, cubic zirconia, glass, etc.
  • Treated gemstones. If you list a natural stone that has been treated (e.g., dyed to enhance the color), you must state that the gemstone is “treated” in your listing title. You may not describe the stone as “enhanced.”
  • Lab-created gemstones. If you list a lab-created stone, you must clearly state that the stone is “lab-created” in your listing title, and not “man-made,” “lab-grown,” or other similar terms. “Lab-created” must immediately precede the stone name in your title (e.g., “lab-created diamond”).

Note: Starting May 25, 2022, active listings that do not comply with the new guidelines may be ended. Those Items will appear into your unsold folder and will need to be relisted to align with updated policy guidelines.

You can help buyers find the items they’re looking for and make sure they receive orders that match your item description by listing them clearly and correctly. Learn more about Fine and Fashion Jewelry best selling practices.

As always, thank you for selling on eBay.

We strongly recommend reading the updates carefully, if you sell jewelry on eBay


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