How to Improve Your Jewelry Store on Etsy

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How to Improve Your Jewelry Store on Etsy


In the 2021 Q4 financial report, Etsy declared that the number of sellers on their platform had reached the 5.3 million mark. This was an increase of around 21% from the previous year. Not only that, but the number of users has also been increasing, year after year, to reach 96.3 million at the end of 2021. Therefore, Etsy is still a giant player in the eCommerce landscape.


But while there is a large market for the products, there is also fierce competition among sellers. With around 2 million active shops and about 10% of their top sellers in the jewelry industry, you are competing first and foremost for visibility. That can be achieved by implementing the changes we will discuss next.


     1. Etsy Store Improvements


Etsy has offered vendors several ways to differentiate themselves and stand out among the noise. One of those is the ability to create a jewelry shop announcement that will go on the front of your store, right under the header. In there, you can update buyers on special offers, add links to your best sellers, promotions, and keywords. This is a section you should update regularly to benefit the most from it.


Create visual language. You can find plenty of recommendations for this in their seller handbook. So we won’t delve too deep into it. But this is particularly important for jewelry sellers as jewelry is all about making a statement through visuals. The color scheme, font in images and banners, and images themselves should be consistent throughout all the pages and follow your branding style.


  • top banner – updated to current offering
  • first product images – consistent, styled, recognizable
  • promotional images – jewelry box, appraisal, offer, care instructions – as many as possible, styled


Each of your store’s sections can make a potential buyer spend more (or less) time on your store, which will influence the likelihood of them buying. So it’s important to title those sections in a manner that creates intrigue, as well as organize them properly. You may also attract new traffic to your store by adding relevant keywords. 


  • Specific sections titles: “Gold Earrings” over “Earrings”
  • Focus buyers attention with Caps lock: Gold HOOP Earrings” vs “Gold Hoop Earrings”
  • Sort sections by importance: normally, put sections with more items first.  
  • Add special sections, as “ON SALE”, “Best sellers”, “Ready to ship”
  • Avoid having too many sections, as buyers can’t make the selection. 15 sections are too much. 
  •  Avoid having multiple section with low count of products. It’s better to unify them, to display large variety, and increase the chances of showing the matching jewelry to your buyers. 


Your About page is the one with the most potential for branding and SEO. Besides adding more keywords to it, this page is your opportunity to showcase relevant details, helpful information, values, and the story behind your products or ideas. Customers love reading about the people behind the brand. It creates rapport, trust, and loyalty. It’s important you dedicate it some time when you start selling jewelry on Etsy


  • keep it personal
  • show the real picture of yourself
  • add inspiration images
  • video is great!   


More observations and tricks:


  • Enable the “Request custom order” option – it doesn’t you don’t have to fulfill every client’s wish, but it sets your store higher in Etsy search results. 
  • Putting the Etsy store on vacation mode is questionable. Even though it’s available and common, this option can hurt your SEO efforts even beyond the duration of the break. Instead of it, consider setting longer shipping times. But makes sure you can still answer buyers’ questions. 
  • Use the Favorite items to boost your best-selling jewelry further, and to test new items.   
  • Etsy store without a running PPC campaign is hard to run. Start with small amounts and be persistent. Paid advertising is not just a sales vehicle but also a great analytical tool. 
How to Improve Your Jewelry Store on Etsy

      2.  Etsy Listings Improvements

Product listings are truly the bread and butter of Etsy. So they should be regularly optimized, perhaps even before the store itself. Keywords are, again, one of the best ways to do so. Another great way is through photos. Make sure to use all 10 picture slots allotted, as well as high-resolution photos with a few lifestyle ones to showcase an actual person wearing the jewelry.


The listing title should not be repeated in your item description. The description is a place to detail benefits and specific features. You should also make each description as unique as possible and avoid repeating the same content or expressions used for other listings. Similarly, you should not use the same keywords for each item listing either. This is so you don’t compete against yourself and have more opportunities to direct new traffic your way.

Regular, frequent listings of new jewelry products will also help out with traffic. Etsy wants to see constant activity in your jewelry store, both on the buyer and seller end. That is how they will start prioritizing your products over others. A good frequency to post new listings is weekly. Make sure to list those items as new. One strategy is to copy similar jewelry products that sell well and modify the content and pictures. These will get an immediate boost from the Etsy algorithm.


For each product you should have selected the following:

  • Tags – as many as possible up to 13 with up to 20 characters each
  • Relevant categories
  • Manufacturing technique
  • Any gemstones – name, cut type, shank type, etc.


Lastly, you may also add links to your other jewelry items in the description. You may include similar items, with just a different cut or different gem color. Use bitly if you are planning to add more than two items.


     3.  Etsy General Improvements

Many groups of individuals buy jewelry for different purposes. You’ll have the fashion icons who buy it regularly for themselves, those who purchase them as gifts for others, the influencers of the industry who promote it, and the collectors, who rarely use the same jewelry items twice. Each of these buying trends should have its content marketing strategy.


Google Trends is another place where you can keep up with your target market’s interests and needs. There, you can find out the keywords they are searching for and discover interest patterns over time (by looking at keyword history).


Also keep in mind that attractive discounts, bundles, and promotions will never go out of style. Tie those in with special occasions and events like holidays or Black Friday sales, to gain the most traction in your store and maximize profits.


Attractive high-end jewelry customers can take some time, especially if you are just getting started online. However, the strategies mentioned above should speed up the process and give you a clear roadmap to follow. Take the time to identify your target market, learn about them, understand the trends in your industry, and optimize your marketing. Once you have these nailed down, your ideal clients will be knocking on your virtual doors in no time.


Selling jewelry on Etsy means improving constantly. To know more about how to improve your jewelry store on Etsy
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