Optimizing Your Online Jewelry Product Listing

Optimizing Your Online Jewelry Product Listing

Optimizing Your Online Jewelry Product Listing


Jewelry is still a popular category for most online shoppers. Even though the industry has seen a 1.5% decrease in overall market size since 2021, it has still experienced a larger and faster increase than the eCommerce market overall. The jewelry industry is valued at $8.7 billion in 2022. With that being the case, it is still important to have an excellent online presence. That is made up of the online platform and the jewelry listing specifics. Why don’t we go over them in more depth?


1. Online Jewelry Sales Platforms


The online platforms where you can list your jewelry products include your website, marketplaces, and social media channels. You may also place advertisements for your products on these platforms.


Each sales platform that you, as a jewelry seller, would use to showcase your items will have its own specific requirements as to what details need to be present and how each of those details should be presented. For example, the way you title a product listing on Google Shopping would be different than on Instagram which would also be different than on Amazon.


When it comes to your online jewelry store, you may decide to create a website for it from scratch or start with a quick, easy-to-use template like the one Valigara offers, made specifically for online jewelry sellers. Our recommendation is to start with a basic site, then slowly upgrade it as your business grows. Here is a separate article where we go into more details about the specifics of a jewelry store website.


As far as marketplaces are concerned, here are the most popular ones for jewelry items:

Each of these platforms would have its own categories, and sometimes subcategories, that you can select to add your product under. These include fine jewelry, fashion jewelry, accessories, diamonds, etc. Each of these platforms will also have tags or descriptors that you can attach to your product listings.

Lastly, when it comes to social media channels, you will also find many options for selling your jewelry there as well. The best channels for that are:

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • Tik Tok

Others like Snapchat or YouTube may also be useful, but mostly in combination with another channel or online platform. We also recommend using at least one platform in each of the three categories above.

2. Product Listing Specifics

Possibly more important than where you sell your jewelry is how you sell it, market it, and present it. Your product listing accomplishes all of these, which is why it’s crucial to optimize it. Some of the variables that you want to have in almost all of your jewelry product listings include:

  • product type
  • brand name
  • color
  • material
  • karats
  • size
  • price


These are the essentials, the must-haves of each jewelry item listed.

In addition to these, you should add a more detailed description. For your product to stand out during searches on Google or on a marketplace, the first 150 – 500 characters are the most important ones in your description and should have all of the above details.

Jewelry item descriptions, in general, should be as specific and straightforward as possible without many filler words or fluff. You also want to make sure that you have enough product availability and that your availability is shown in your online listing. So, if an item is no longer available, it should not show up, even as a variant to an existing product. If it’s just temporarily unavailable, your product listing should include something along the lines of “in stock soon.”

Another point to keep in mind is the specific rules and regulations for product listings on different marketplaces. For example, Amazon is quite specific about what they will accept and will not accept to be listed on their website.

Every jewelry item sold on Amazon needs to meet its jewelry quality assurance standards and sales metrics. For fine jewelry, you would also need to get approval from Amazon to sell it on their platform. You might also want to register your brand through Amazon’s Brand Registry, to ensure that no brand rights infringement occurs.

Amazon also requires more specifics for their jewelry listings, such as the material type, the metal type, the gem type, and the ring size. A few optional features that you can highlight include:

  • metal weight
  • stone creation method
  • stone treatment method
  • pearl type
  • authenticity certifications

One last point that you really need to consider with your jewelry product listings are visuals. We have talked about visuals in previous articles. So we suggest you look over those for a more in-depth explanation of the requirements.

However, in general, all platforms require professional-looking pictures of the product that meet size and quality standards. It is recommended that you use the maximum number of pictures allowed by each platform.

Videos are a bonus, but a highly impactful one. Some channels, in fact, have now become more video-focused than previously. Instagram is an example.

Overall, keep in mind your online presence is an extension of your physical, brick-and-mortar store. You want to provide the same customer experience that shoppers would get in person by visiting your store directly. Therefore,

 specifics and relevant details are extremely important and sought after. Catering to the target audience of each platform and meeting their specific requirements is also a must when selling online. Lastly, keeping SEO in mind and highlighting the most important features of your jewelry products early on in the title and in the first few characters of the description will get you noticed more often than your competitors.

Selecting the right jewelry and marketplace to sell on
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