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Jewelry eCommerce Webinar Series: Tough Love: Selling Jewelry on Amazon Marketplace – a Practical Session

with Amazon jewelry experts, Kristin Cherry Jackson and Rosemary Mazza of 21C Jewelry Solutions, and Jewelry eCommerce Expert, Igor Nusinovich, CEO of Valigara Online Jewelry Manager
Tuesday, February 2nd, 2021

11:00 am New York | 4:00 pm London | 6:00 pm Tel Aviv

The opportunities for e-commerce on Amazon and other marketplaces have grown significantly. Still, Amazon is probably the toughest of all marketplaces. It’s not easy to succeed selling jewelry on Amazon – it takes effort and a deep understanding. The session will include a presentation by 21C Jewelry Solutions’ partners Kristin Cherry Jackson and Rosemary Mazza, who would look at what it takes for a jeweler to succeed on Amazon.

Following the presentation, Kristin, Rosemary, and Igor Nusinovich, CEO of Valigara, an all-in-one jewelry eCommerce management platform, will review – LIVE – several Amazon jewelry shops! You can submit your store for the experts’ review for free when you register to the webinar.

This free webinar will help you to launch your Amazon shop the right way, and if you’re already there, to take a critical look at your shop with fresh eyes, so you can make the changes needed to grow your sales.

This webinar includes 3 global experts:

Kristin Cherry Jackson

Partner, 21C

Kristin is a 21C Partner. She started her career as a jewelry and accessories buyer and an e-commerce financial analyst at Nordstrom. She went on to lead Amazon’s US jewelry business for three years as Sr. Category Merchant Manager, where she learned the inner workings of the jewelry category at Amazon like no one other! In 21C Jewelry Solutions, Kristin helps jewelry companies maximize their online success.

Rosemary Mazza

Partner, 21C

Rosemary is also a 21C Partner. Rosemary led several major brand launches, including Disney Enchanted, Keepsake, and Simply Vera Wang. As VP of eCommerce Sales at Firestar, she helped traditional jewelry merchants expand into multiple global online sales channels. Rosemary brings her diverse experience to 21C clients, helping them identify the venues, merchandise, and other strategies that will drive sales and bring the greatest success for their specific product lines.

Igor Nusinovich

CEO at Valigara Online Jewelry Manager

Igor is a leading worldwide expert in jewelry ecommerce and online marketing. He’s a Jewelry eCommerce veteran, having managed more than 100 online jewelry stores. Igor has over 15 years of experience in eCommerce, including as a manager at eBay. He also serves as an advisor to the Israeli Export Institute and leading jewelry brands. Igor is the Founder and CEO of Valigara, the leading platform for jewelry eCommerce management.

Jewelry eCommerce Webinar Series

Valigara’s vision is to empower jewelry and diamonds businesses in the eCommerce era. We harness our passion and deep industry know-how to help online jewelry businesses succeed. Our eCommerce Webinar series, held on the first Tuesday of every month, is an open forum to discuss opportunities and challenges that are unique to the jewelry eCommerce ecosystem. The webinars offer a wealth of knowledge, best practices, and tools for jewelry and diamond businesses to succeed online, grow revenues and reduce costs and manual labor through optimization and automation.

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