The first webinar for 2021 in our Jewelry eCommerce series: a practical session for Etsy jewelry shop owners and operators to help you understand better how Etsy’s algorithms work and how to boost your jewelry shop’s performance.

Opening an Etsy shop is pretty easy, but jewelry is the most competitive category on Etsy. Truly maximizing the potential of the Etsy platform to get the most reach and visibility for your jewelry pieces takes some work. To know how to grow your Etsy sales, it’s important to know the Do’s and Don’ts that can make or break your shop.

This free webinar will help you take a critical look at your shop with fresh eyes, so you can make the changes needed to grow your sales.

In this live session, we will share practical Etsy tips and tricks by reviewing several real jewelry shops on Etsy:

  • Great moves and unfortunate mistakes on Etsy
  • How to make the most of each product listing
  • Easy hacks to improve sales on Etsy
  • A live Q&A to answer any question

Hear from 2 global eCommerce experts:

Liran Weiss

CEO at eDealer and a leading eCommerce expert

  • Educator and consultant for the handmade and jewelry industries
  • Runs the biggest Etsy community in Israel, with over 7000 members on Facebook, helping makers, designers, and jewelry brands develop and sell on Etsy and Amazon Handmade
  • Representative for Israeli Etsy sellers on the Israeli Export Institute’s eCommerce committee

Igor Nusinovich

CEO at Valigara Online Jewelry Manager

  • One of the most recognized worldwide online marketing specialists in jewelry industry.
  • Jewelry eCommerce veteran, managed more than 100 online jewelry stores.
  • More than 15 years in eCommerce, one of the first eBay employees in Israel.
  • Adviser for Israeli Export Institute, Payoneer and multiple jewelry brands.
  • Founder of Valigara Online Jewelry Manager – the leading jewelry eCommerce platform.