Online Jewelry Sales Events Calendar

Online Jewelry Sales Events Calendar

Why are November and December considered THE holiday season when it comes to jewelry eCommerce?

It’s not only due to large holidays like Thanksgiving or Christmas; it’s also because of multiple sales events, more specific to jewelry. While Black Friday is widely recognized and needs little to no introduction, other smaller celebrations can also constitute great sales and promotional opportunities. Let’s shed some light on a few of these.


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 1. Real Jewelry Month

Did you know that the whole month of November is dedicated to real jewelry? It is a celebration of Mother Nature’s resourcefulness and appeals to a large crowd, including environmentalists, artisans, geologists, spiritual individuals (think birthstones), and more.

Fine jewelry is definitely leading the race this month, with lab-grown diamonds taking the backseat. 


Nevertheless, some space still exists for the more creative, fashion jewelry sellers. For example, resin-made or coated accessories (e.g. pressed flowers or leaves) fall under this category too. Also, purely metal-based pieces, perhaps with an earthy look to them, would be something to consider too. One important point to remember is providing certificates of authenticity and getting your real jewelry insured. These two are essential regardless of the month or sale.


  2. Cultural and Religious Celebrations

Diwali, Native American Heritage, Hanukkah, Thanksgiving are all celebrated in the month of November as well. They are closely followed by Christmas, Kwanzaa, and New Year in December.

 These holidays tend to involve large family gatherings and gift exchanges. So gift baskets and bundles sell quite well during these holidays. For example, a menorah pendant necklace with a white/blue gem earrings set could be a great gift for Hanukkah.


A good tip for marketing your products during these holidays is to select a theme. Two common denominators stand out among them – family and light. So these could serve as great themes for your visuals and content. Color themes are also popular, such as blue and white for Hanukkah, green and red for Christmas, or black, red and green for Kwanzaa


  3. Purely Commercial Occasions

Some customers may be more interested in the discounts and special offers that the holiday season has to bring, and less in the emotional connotation of it. For them, occasions like Black Friday (right after Thanksgiving),
Sofa Sunday, Cyber Monday (both after Black Friday), Free Shipping Day (Dec 14th), and Boxing Day (day after Christmas) may be more appealing. 


The discounts during these periods can reach up to 70%, making them extremely popular worldwide. A large number of marketplaces recognize these holidays and help sellers with special promotions (like free shipping on Free Shipping Day or discounts on inventory storage charges).

 In fact, Black Friday and Free Shipping Day have their own dedicated websites where one can find excellent deals. Plus, jewelry is a favorite during these sales, particularly fine jewelry since these are usually high-end, high-ticket items.


  4. Unique and Fun Celebrations

Nowadays, almost anything can have its own day in the holiday calendar, from World Vegan Day to World Toilet Day (yes, this is a real holiday). But while these are not widely known nor actually celebrated, some other holidays have gained popularity lately, especially in the eCommerce universe. They include:

  1. Housewife’s Day – Nov 3rd
  2. Singles’ Day – Nov 11th
  3. Veterans’ Day and Remembrance Day (US and Australia, respectively) – Nov 11th
  4. Philanthropy Day – Nov 15th
  5. Giving Tuesday – after Cyber Monday
  6. Make a Gift Day – Dec 3rd

On top of these, we have multiple independence/national days across the Globe celebrated during December, including in Romania, Lao, UAE, Spain, Finland, Tanzania, Kenya, Malta, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Kazakhstan, and Libya. So the possibilities are endless when it comes to gifts and souvenirs.


And here you have it – your comprehensive holiday sales calendar, with some of the most important and relevant celebrations and special occasions. As a jewelry seller, not taking advantage of the holiday season literally means leaving money on the table.

 With so many opportunities for sales and promotions, November and December can skyrocket your profits and brand image. So make the most of this period and have fun selling!


Online Jewelry Sales Events Calendar


HolidayDateCelebrated inRelated jewelry category
HalloweenOctober 31thWorldwideDesigner jewelry, Fashion jewelry
Housewife’s DayNovember 3rdUSLove-themed jewelry, Gift jewelry
Singles’ Day November 11thChinaGift jewelry, Fashion
Veterans’ Day and Remembrance Day November 11th(US and Australia, respectively)Men’s jewelry, custom jewelry
Philanthropy DayNovember 15thUSDesigner Jewelry, Eco-friendly jewelry, Statement jewelry
Thanksgiving4th Thursday of NovemberUS, CanadaGift jewelry
Black Friday1 day after ThanksgivingWorldwideGift jewelry, Fashion jewelry
Sofa Sunday1st Sunday after ThanksgivingWorldwideGift jewelry, Fashion jewelry
Cyber Monday1st Monday after ThanksgivingWorldwideGift jewelry, Fashion jewelry
Giving Tuesday1st Tuesday after ThanksgivingWorldwideGift jewelry, Fashion jewelry
Hanukkah25th day of Kislev (Hebrew calendar)Israel, USGift jewelry, Religious jewelry, Judaica
Make a Gift DayDecember 3rdUSGift jewelry, Fashion
Free Shipping DayDecember 14thUSGeneral jewelry
ChristmasDecember 25th / January 7thMost countries / Christian Orthodox countries (e.g. Russia) respectivelyGift jewelry
Kwanzaa, Boxing DayDecember 26thEast Africa, USGift jewelry
New YearJanuary 1stMost countries worldwide, except those following different calendars (e.g. China)Gift jewelry, Fashion  jewelry
Valentine’s DayFebruary 14thWorldwideAll jewelry, Engagement jewelry
International Women’s DayMarch 8thWorldwideWomen jewelry
Mother’s Day2nd Sunday of May (US)
Worldwide, Date depends on countryFine jewelry
Wedding season

June – September (US)

Worldwide, Dates depend on countryWedding jewelry, Bridal Jewelry
Father’s Day3rd Sunday of June (US)
Worldwide, Date depends on countryMen’s jewelry
Sisters Day 1st: Sunday of August (US)Worldwide, Date depends on countryFashion jewelry, Personalized jewelry
National Daughters Day September 25thUSGirl’s Jewelry, Personalized jewelry
Compiled by Valigara

Additionally, special attention should be paid to the events organized by online sales platforms. So if you sell jewelry on Etsy, Amazon, Walmart or eBay, follow their sellers’ announcements for special events marketed by the channels. 


Now that you see so many opportunities to sell jewelry online throughout the whole year, make sure to take a look at the special lists: 


Enjoy selling! 🙂 


Online Jewelry Sales Events Calendar
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