Best selling sterling silver jewellery online – myth or reality?

Sterling Silver Ring

This question, which we were asked on Quora,  is very important. With that, providing an answer with specific names, specs and prices would be simply misleading. For many reasons, and here are some.

1. Online jewelry sales are seasonal, and so the best sold products too. Same jewelry working perfectly in Christmas would be simply irrelevant in July on Father’s Day, or on another occasion.

2. Trends and buyers behavior changes, and so the demand for specific jewelry. There is no guarantee that the same jewelry will be relevant after 3 years. Of course there are some very classic jewelry designs (for example heart or cross pendants, flower stud earrings etc). But this would be a totally wrong strategy to build your jewelry eCommerce strategy on permanent collections in your online jewelry store.

3. Every sales channel has its own uniqueness. There is no such thing as “items good for jewelry eCommerce”. Jewelry for your website is different from external marketplaces (eBay, Etsy, Amazon, Amazon Handmade, Sears etc), and from jewelry you will sell through social channels. This is why your jewellery has to be relevant to the specific sales channel. Some examples:

  • Your Facebook store will work well for unique items, which can be identified with you, with your style and brand.

  • Amazon and eBay will perform better on simple, repeatable jewelry, which requires less understanding from the buyer, and requires more from your logistics ability.

  • For personalized jewelry with longer production cycle Etsy will perform better. Or other channels who do not require and 1 day or 3 day shipping to be on the top of the algorithms

  • Designer jewelry is much better to your website, social marketing oriented business and so on. 

Still, to know in which directions to expand your jewelry line, it is important to have tools for identifying which jewelry sells online best now. Here are some:

  • External tools: Terapeak (eBay Category research), Google Trends, Google Keyword Planner

  • Auto-complete function on each sales channel (eBay, Amazon, Etsy etc): great tool for understanding frequent clients searches. Start typing the relevant product name, f.i. Silver Ring and the marketplace search will show you the list of most relevant searches. This is most relevant information about the current demand to jewelry on specific channel.

  • Analyzing best performing sellers on each marketplace. For example , for Etsy we use CraftCount. eBay’s list of sold listings is a perfect tool, providing you with the most relevant and most detailed information. 

To summarize WHAT sells best is relevant to HOW you sell. Your complete offer to your buyers including pricing, logistics, customer service, relevance to the place and time influences what are the best silver jewelry for you to sell. The e-commerce presence you plan to create for your jewelry (will it be your own website? a marketplace? social store?) , and the online marketing strategy you are into – all these will influence your product line.

Enjoy selling!

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