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How to succeed on eBay as a jewelry seller

How to succeed on eBay as a jewelry seller

Online marketplaces have become an integral part of everyday life for millions of people. While visiting a brick-and-mortar shop might still be a fun activity, the advantages of online shopping are quickly making offline purchases obsolete. In 2020, around 29

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Jewelry eCommerce is different from other industries

What makes Jewelry eCommerce different?

Specializing in software for jewelry eCommerce we at Valigara are often asked, why we are “limiting” ourself to this specific  industry. What is special in jewelry and diamonds eCommerce? What is it different from other industries? What special knowledge does it require to

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Quick sellers

How to improve online sales with quick-sellers?

We’re often asked how to start selling jewelry in the major marketplaces. How to penetrate marketplaces with thousands of successful, experienced sellers? There are many techniques, let’s discuss one specific technique which proves itself very well. We’re talking about quick-sellers,

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Handmade jewelry

DIY and Etsy Custom offers 2022

Have you noticed the “Request custom order “ option in Etsy? How is it important? A growing trend in today’s jewelry and gifts ecommerce is the “do it your self” or DIY sphere. People like to create gifts by themselves making it

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