Jewelry Ecommerce website

jewelry eCommerce website

Because jewelry is personal

Selling jewelry online can begin in many places, but is better to end in your branded online jewellery store. Why?

  • No marketplace fees
  • Brand awareness
  • Independence from external channels regulations
  • Sales flow adjusted to your jewelry specifics
  • Better conversion of visitors into buyers


This is why Valigara sees a branded jewelry eCommerce website to be an important part of the steady online jewelry business. With your own online jewelry store, your clients has the final destination – the website for selling jewelry and present your brand.

What makes VStore – the Jewelry eCommerce Store Builder the ultimate tool for selling jewelry and diamonds online?

  • Create your independent online jewelry store
  • Built on Valigara’s jewelry and diamonds online management system
  • Uniquely designed to present your jewelry brand
  • Fully synchronized with your online marketplaces and social stores
  • Reach list of jewelry related features for higher conversion rates
  • Online jewelry builder, Metal and Diamond variations,
  • Solutions for both retail (B2C) and wholesale(B2B)
  • No limitations on special website requirements

Your online jewellery shop is created  based on Valigara system, which makes its operation easy. It also allows you to run your website with full integration with other sales channels. The creation of your website is handled by our best designers and coding professionals, specializing in jewelry eCommerce, who understands the unique needs of the well performing jewelry eCommerce website.

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Build your branded jewelry eCommerce website today!